How do I load test an environment?

When developing scalable topologies on MightyBox, we encourage you to properly load test all production environments to ensure they perform as expected.

Please note, however, that you cannot load test environments via their * domains (or via a custom domain that’s CNAMED through the alias). Doing so will saturate the shared load balancer and cause your testing tool to report 500 errors before you reach any level of scale.

To execute a successful load test, you must configure the environment with a public IPv4 and update your A records to point directly to this IP.

Load testing on clusters

Before testing a cluster, you must adjust load balancer configuration to ensure that requests from your testing tool are not all directed to a single app server node.

In LiteSpeed Web ADC, visit Configuration -> Clusters -> clusterHTTP and change Mode to Stateless

Do this in each load balancer in your cluster, and restart the load balancer layer.

Before deploying the site live, be sure to change the Mode back to Stateful for proper cluster behavior.

More detailed guides will be available in the future, but we recommend or K6 open source for your testing needs.

If you have any questions or concerns about performing a load test, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.