Automatic discounts

MightyBox gives you automatic discounts for your resource usage depending on the amount that you consume (so higher volume usage is automatically cheaper). The availability and the level of discount depend on the specific resource. 

You can see current pricing in your MightyBox dashboard by navigating to the Balance > Quotas & Pricing menu item:


MightyBox measures RAM and CPU in cloudlets. One cloudlet is equivalent to 128 MiB RAM and 400MHz CPU.

Cloudlet consumption is considered across each individual environment (combining all servers within one environment, rather than per server within the environment).

MightyBox offers two types of cloudlets: Reserved and Dynamic.

Reserved cloudlets are ‘consumed’ simply by configuring them within your environment (since you pay for Reserved cloudlets irrespective of your actual resource usage). So you can see the discount applied as you configure the environment using the topology wizard. The total of all Reserved cloudlets configured in your environment determines the discount tier applied.

Dynamic cloudlet consumption is calculated based on your usage each individual hour. The total of all Dynamic cloudlets consumed by your environment during one hour determines your discount tier for that hour.

If you use both types of cloudlets in your environment, you may have a different discount tier for each type.

Disk Space

Disk space is charged hourly per GB of disk space used in your environment.


Traffic usage is charged hourly per GB of external traffic used by your environment. Since the amount of traffic can fluctuate so much, the discount tiers for traffic are set based on the total amount of (external) traffic used in the previous month.

Internal traffic (traffic between servers within your environment, or between multiple environments at the same hosting provider) is absolutely free!

Public IP

This is an external IP address which is directly accessible from outside of the cluster. The charge is taken hourly, and no discounts are given for multiple IPs.