How can I save money on my environments?

There are a number of strategies you can employ to reduce your infrastructure spend. Here’s a quick summary:

Stop development environments when not actively using them

This will prevent you from accumulating cloudlet usage charges to keep the environments active. You’ll only be charged for IP addresses, consumed storage, and any third-party addon licenses (such as BitNinja) that have been activated on these environments.

Make sure baseline cloudlet scaling is configured properly

The ideal reserved cloudlet configuration is one in which your reserved cloudlets are dialed into match your baseline resource usage. In other words, if a node is, at a minimum, consuming 8 cloudlets then you want to make sure to set your reserved cloudlet scaling to match. Running too few reserved cloudlets will actually cost you more in the long run because the environment will make use of dynamically scaled cloudlets to fill in the gap. Since dynamic cloudlets are more expensive, you’d be unnecessarily paying more for the same resources.

On clusters, adjust baseline node configuration and tolerances for horizontal scaling

You’re likely running sites on MightyBox because you want to take advantage of scalable infrastructure when needed. For sites that are just starting out, however, a full high-availability cluster can be overkill. In those situations, it’s recommended to adjust your baseline nodes to:

  • 1 load balancer node
  • 1 application server node
  • 2 database nodes (via master-master topology instead of Galera cluster)
  • 1 shared file storage node (instead of GlusterFS cluster)

Additionally, configure your horizontal scaling to disable additional node creation when resources on existing nodes are exhausted.

Please feel free to contact our team at any time for assistance in sizing your environments appropriately.