How to resolve 500 errors

Getting an Error 500 may sound like there is something wrong with the server, but this is actually an error in the WordPress code base – either in the plug-ins, in core, or in the theme. To find out where exactly the error is you can follow any of the steps below.

Via Log files

1. On the AppServer level, click on the document icon to access Log or the log files. Then, navigate to the Litespeed folder and open php_errors.log to find what is causing our error/s.

Via Web SSH

1. On the AppServer level, open up Web SSH and enter the following command:

cd /var/log/litespeed

2. Run ls and enter the following command:

cat php_errors.log | grep "Fatal error"

This command will parse the file and return the lines where it sees ‘Fatal error’ which is what we are looking for to solve.

Each entry in this log will point you to the file that is causing a fatal error so you can investigate further.